SMKN 3 Mataram – Kota Mataram

Being the oldest SMK  in West Nusa Tenggara province, SMK 3 Mataram was established in 1970, on an area of 2.6 hectares. SMK 3 Mataram is also one of the pioneered schools opening Solar Energy and Wind  technical program in West Nusa Tenggara Province in 2016/2017 academic year. Socialization on local television managed to capture student interest and increase public understanding on the importance of renewable energy. Currently SMK 3 Mataram has 14 technical programs, equipped with laboratories and workshops for practice. Students in the academic year 2016/2017 comprises up to 2248 pupils with 89 percent male  and 11 percent female. Male students fill an entire class in Welding, Mechanical Engineering Department, and Light Vehicle Mechanics. Female students, on the other hand,dominate programs such as  Multi Media, Computer Networks  and Technical Survey with the average proportion above 50 percent. Likewise, Solar Energy and Wind  technical program which is the youngest program consisting of 38 students with 10.5 percent of whom are female. SMK 3 Mataram has 174 teachers (both civil servants and non-civil), consisting of 38 percent  women and 62 percent of male teachers.

"Renewable energy requires an optimal development as well as new workers. One of school responsiblities is to provide comprehensive understanding and awarness  toward  prospective students and parents about the  importance of RET for Indonesian future "- Umar, Principal of SMK 3 Mataram.

"Students and prospective students need to realize what sort of jobs opportunities lie ahead for them when pursueing  in renewable energy sector. In addition, students need to be prepared  for travelling off  town, if the jobs available are outside the island of Lombok "- Ajar Sujanta, teacherof  SMKN 3 Mataram.

"We need to emphasis on the importance of having government regulations to encourage private sector and industries to use renewable energy, thus, they will absorb more skilled vocational graduates" - Parno, teacher of  SMKN 3 Mataram.

"A part from providing a better understanding on RET  job opportunities, we also need to motivate students to develop their Solar and Wind  Energy skills taught at school to be able to work anywhere else" - Made PRASASTA Widagdha, teacher at SMKN 3 Mataram.

"Schools still need to further explore intership industries they work with and revise the purpose of visit schools for students majoring in Solar Energy and Wind . This is due to the limited number of industries using RET technology, " - Muliasih, teacher of SMKN 3 Mataram.

"I am optimistic about the development of renewable energy in Indonesia. I hope Indonesia will be tagging behind Australia where home based solar energy producers are able to sell the electricity they produce to (State Owned Power Company) PLN  "- Wardoyo,  teacher of SMKN 3 Mataram.


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