The Role of socialization in promoting RET opening at SMK

Lombok, October 19, 2016 - Three out of 12 vocational schools incorporated in PEKA SINERGI project have officially opened renewable energy technolgy (RET) program in the academic year 2016/2017. SMKN 3 Mataram opens Solar and Wind Energy program; SMK 1 Batukliang Utara in Central Lombok focusing on RET for Biomass; and SMK 1 Lingsar in West Lombok opens RET program specializing on Hydro. SMK 3 Mataram managed to attract 38 students enrolling for Solar and Wind Energy program comprising of 34 male and 4 female. According to Principal of SMK 3 Mataram, Umar, the recruitment for students’ enrollment to join this program runs effectively because socialization was done through local television. Likewise, SMKN 1 Lingsar, managed to recruit 32 students signed up for Hydro Energy program, 23 percent of whom are female. The increasing number of students’ enrollment was probably caused by the advancement of people’s awareness on the significance and benefits of hydro energy technologies. Principal of SMK 1 Lingsar, Ruju Rahmat stated that there has been an increase on the use of hydro energy technology for both small and large scale industries in West Lombok, and people have recognized RET benefits. As for SMK 1 Batukliang Utara, students’ enrollment for Biomass Energy comprises of 67 percent male and 33 percent female. According to the Principal of SMK 1 Batukliang Utara, Lalu Tajudin, local community who mostly work as farmers have already been familiar with biomass, and some of them have implemented this technology in the household level.

The opening of RET program has become one of the goals from those 12th SMK incorporated in PEKA SINERGY project. Nine of those SMKs are opening this course in the academic year 2017/2018. Principal of SMKN 1 Kuripan, H. Makbullah said the school has intensively disseminated RET program in the community to attract prospective students. Different methods of dissamination approaches have been implemented: engaging local medias, organizing various competitions for prospective SMK’ s students, as well as incorporating socialization with iftar meeting during Ramadhan . He was optimistic that by adopting these approaches SMK will convince both students and their parents to enroll at RET program offered.

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