First MGMP in Lombok focuses on finalizing charter and bylaws as well as sustainability of the FGD

July 13, 2016 - On the first meeting held at the end of July 2016, a group of vocational teachers in Lombok incorporated in MGMP on  RET (Teachers’ Council for Renewable Energy Technologies) agreed on AD / ART (charter and Bylaw) and Work Program of MGMP’s. Apart from these, the teachers also discussed plans to ensure the sustainability of the group when PEKA SINERGI  program is completed. They agreed to use some amount of BOS funds to support MGMP regular meetings. In addition, teachers had also agreed to set aside some  part of the funds from certification allowances to support MGMP’s operational costs, including the costs of training, participation in workshops as well as cost for buying books.

In order to improve teaching and learning process, members MGMPs also agreed to undertake collaborative approach to develop lesson plans and teacher observation. The results of observations will then be used as a reference in other classes, after going through discussion and refinement process.

The  first MGMP on RET  was held at SMK 3 Mataram, Lombok and attended by all MGMP members as well as representatives from PEKA SINERGI. The meeting was led  by MGMP Secretary and teachers of SMKN 1 Kuripan, Abdi Gunawan and welcomed by Dr. Mae Chu Chang, PEKA SINERGI couselor.

The MGMP was established in early June 2016, and serves as a working group for RET teachers. MGMP members consists of  12 vocational schools  teachers in Lombok incorporated in PEKA SINERGI program. This MGMP aims to establish communication and cooperation among its members, and serves as a forum for teachers to share their classroom experiences in teaching RET.

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